Alcohol 120% is an application with high quality recording of files to disk. The interface is well thought out to the smallest detail, allowing you to perform all the necessary manipulations in a few clicks of the mouse. With the help of the program you can easily create an image file, which can be easily transferred to another PC for further editing on a virtual drive. With the utility you can easily create a copy of the disk. Alcohol 120% works with all types of disks. With the help of the application the user will be able to create a branded disc cover, which is not provided by Windows. And so that you can quickly add files to the disc, we recommend downloading the official version of Alcohol 120% for free on your computer by following the link on this page.

Alcohol 120% is an application that is compatible with the Windows operating system.

Options and Features

The utility has quite a lot of functionality, which is aimed at interacting with images of discs of various types. The features include the following:

  • 31 virtual drive for mounting files through the program;
  • support for popular file formats such as bin, iso, bwi, isz, and others;
  • copying data from protected media, bypassing disk protection;
  • transfer data from one disk to another;
  • remove files from CD-RW, DVD-RW, BD-RE discs;
  • browse and search for disc images on your computer using a certain function;
  • if you need to set a password during the creation of the disk image, to ensure high protection of the information.

How to download Alcohol 120%

The program is universal, so you can install the file on any version of Windows. The main thing is to make sure before downloading that you have enough free space on your disk, not less than 10 GB and at least 128 MB of RAM, let's begin:

  1. download the installation file;
  2. open the folder where it is saved and run the installation;
  3. choose a language;
  4. read the information about the updated versions of the program;
  5. if you do not want to change the start page, you need to uncheck it after the updated versions;
  6. select the localization;
  7. check the checkboxes where you want the program shortcut to be displayed;
  8. select a folder to save the emulator;
  9. press install;
  10. wait until the program is fully installed;
  11. once the program is installed you must restart your computer.


Alcohol 120% is a program with a user-friendly and clear interface that even a novice can cope with. The utility does not require a large amount of disk space. Quick and easy installation. In the settings you can put a checkmark next to the automatic loading of the program when you turn on your PC.